Westgate is a low-cost, low-barrier housing program for individuals in the Tallahassee community.

Our primary focus is providing residents with transitional housing and access to services that foster continued growth.

Our Program

Westgate is a transitional housing community for individuals in Tallahassee who have previously experienced or are on-the-verge of experiencing homelessness.

Working in tandem with partnering agencies such as The Kearney Center, Westgate is a program focused on creating a space that residents can call home, gain access to resources needed, and feel confident that their sobriety will not be challenged.

We view Westgate as an opportunity for individuals to continue their growth towards full independence in a responsible way. We are the stepping stone to something better.


Three housing options provide Westgate residents with the best housing option to fit their budget while allowing for continued growth and independence.

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Bunk-Style Housing

This open-bay building houses single beds and bunk beds for dozens of residents. Costs in this area of Westgate range from $5-8 per night.

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Shared Living

With five dorm-style buildings, Westgate provides individuals with double-occupancy rooms upstairs and a communal kitchen/living space downstairs. These rooms rent for $375 per month.

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NEW! Single Residential Occupancy

These 40 units give residents access to their own bedroom, sink, refrigerator, and cook top for $490 per month.


Westgate Community Residents Receive Dental Care

Representatives from CESC, Inc. today announced the opening of a dental office, which will provide oral care at no cost to eligible residents of the nonprofit’s subsidiaries, The Dwellings and Westgate Community.

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Westgate Community Opens Doors to 40 New Units

This week, Westgate Community opened doors to two new buildings with a total of 40 single residential occupancy apartments. The first of their kind in the capital city, these apartments increase Tallahassee’s inventory of low-barrier housing for low- and extremely-low income households.

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City Leaders Tour Affordable Housing Developments in Tallahassee

Tallahassee leaders had an opportunity to tour two “out of the box” affordable housing developments in the Capital City Thursday.

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Interested in learning more about Westgate or applying for residency? Reach out to us at info@WestgateTLH.org.